This camera is located along the waterfront of Kralendijk, attached to the Terramar building, above the entrance of Luciano ice cream.
We are using exclusively MOBOTIX network cameras. This MOBOTIX M15 model has two lenses: a daylight lens and a 6mp moonlight sensor for night images. The camera is weatherproof and maintenance-free. Please contact Breathe-IT for more information about MOBOTIX Security Vision Systems.
24 hour history:
A.M.  00.00h 01.00h 02.00h 03.00h 04.00h 05.00h 06.00h 07.00h 08.00h 09.00h 10.00h 11.00h
P.M.  12.00h 13.00h 14.00h 15.00h 16.00h 17.00h 18.00h 19.00h 20.00h 21.00h 22.00h 23.00h
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